Preveza Port

  • Preveza is close to the seaward entrance of the Amvrakikos Gulf in western Greece, facing the Ionian Sea.
  • Preveza road co-ordinates: Latitude: 38 55 8N / Longitude: 20 42 8E
  • Official Restrictions:
    • Maximum safety draft: 9.40m.
    • No Air Draft restrictions.
  • The port has two piers:
    • West Pier: Length 110m and draft up to 5.80m.
    • South Pier: Length 250m and draft up to 10m.
  • Facilities: one port crane of 45t capacity with 16m range, private mobile hydraulic cranes with various lifting capacities and 5 forklifts.

All the years that Preveza port is operating, it has been a milestone for the industrial / financial development of Preveza and of course Epirus in general. Only the last 20years have been discharged over five million tones of cargoes (including bulk cargoes for animal feed or pipes for construction works, marble, timber etc.), over three hundred fifty thousand tones per year.

Preveza Port is the second port in importing bulk cargoes (grains, animal feed in general) after Thessaloniki Port.

Epirus holds the second position among Greek districts concerning animal production and most of the industries or warehouses have been built in an area from ten to one-hundred kilometres from Preveza port. It’s obvious that Preveza Port will continue to play significant role in the financial development of the area as concerns the specific industries, but also will support any other industry that will have as main activities the exporting/importing of goods/products.

Amfilochia port

  • Amfilochia port co-ordinates: Latitude 38 52 60 N / Longitude 21 10 00 E
  • Official restrictions:
    • Maximum safety draft: 23ft / 7m
    • No air draft restrictions
  • The port has one pier of 220m
  • Facilities: Two private mobile cranes with maximum safety working load 100tns and 50tns accordingly.
  • Private Forklifts available.

Cargoes imported from Amfilochia port are being transported afterwards to warehouses at Amfilochia and industries of Aitoloakarnania district and other close areas in Greece as well.

Our Agency provides its services in Amfilochia port for more than thirty (30) years since the beginning of the commercial activities of the port.

Messolonghi Port

  • Messolonghi Pilot Station coordinates: LAT 38 18 53 N / LONG 021 24 59 E
  • Maximum draft is 6.10meters, so safety draft should be considered around 5,50meters. Draft is slightly affected also by tides (depending on the period of the year too). Not air draft restrictions.
  • 3. Pier is exceeding 400meters, however is not always provided in full by Port Authorities for operations.

Our agency was occupied at Messolonghi port in the past for several different shipments (tobacco among others). However, on June 2017, we returned at Messolonghi port after many years mostly due to port’s lack of operations. The cargo was parts of wind generators, which were discharged and stowed at a nearby area to be later reloaded at the destined wind-energy park.

We provided our services in the most efficient way, and paid extra attention to the special needs that have the involved companies (Receivers/Shippers). The experience of this operation was vast since it was the first time working on the specific cargo.

Presently, we are working on developing our organizing plan so to improve our services for the specific cargo always taking in consideration the needs of our customers/companies. It seems that Messolonghi port will remain as one of the main Greek ports for the specific shipment.

Igoumenitsa Port

The port is located: Latitude: 39.502N / Longitude: 20.246E

Over the last years, the works for the infrastructure expansion of Igoumenitsa commercial port take place consistently. Thus, Igoumenitsa is expected to play a vital role in the import/export of goods taking advantage of the Egnatia road.

Our Agency provides its services and contributes with experience and knowledge in this new era for the port.