Yachting Services

In the last five years we have expanded our agency operation and organization to cruise vessels, sailing yachts and motor yachts (Sea Cloud, Katara, Variety Voyager, Berlin, Aegean Odyssey etc).

We take care of all the practical matters as concerns paperwork and documentation for Port and Customs Authorities. Among other services we may arrange your outdoor activities, including Amvrakikos cruises, city-tour and archeological site guides.


Documentations & Formalities
  1. We are legally authorized to act as a clearing agent and taking care of the necessary documentation during your stay.
  2. We handle all paperwork at Port and Customs Authorities.
Bunkering, Provisioning & Concierge Services
  1. Either fax ahead or ask on arrival we may cater for as following:
  • Bunkering supply by local stations.
  • Your every provision need – fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, wine and soft drinks, local specialties, cleaning and housekeeping items and anything else you might need.
  1. Our presence in shipping industry all these years has resulted in having co-operation with various suppliers, inspectors, workshops, engineers, over and under the deck technicians, sails manufacturer both in the local area and all around Greece. Your every need will be handled upon request.
  2. Our network of service providers as well includes fitness and beauty professionals, doctors, laundry, etc.
  3. Our office can organize all your transfers to or from the airport.
Outdoor Activities
We arrange tours tailored to your needs in association with local professionals:

To all archeological sites and must sees (with the escort of professional archeological guides).

City tour (with the escort of certified tourist guides).

In association with local professionals we may offer a mixture of assorted activities including:

Eco cruising in Amvrakikos Gulf (one of the biggest wetlands in Greece, where populated dolphins and turtles Caretta-Caretta). The cruise includes:
-   Fishing trip during all the period of summer and
-   Shrimp fishing trip during the months of September, October and November.
-   Meals on board with local sea food and drinks.

Other activities include:

Sea Kayaking at Alonaki area
Horse riding includes leisure riding, riding lessons or even therapeutic riding (guided by professionals)
River kayaking at the Acheron river
Biking and Hiking

The island character of this town make you forget that Preveza is in fact on the mainland of Epirus. All activities let you get in contact with its lacy shores and blue sea which blend seamlessly into the lush, green landscape. The city tour which covers among others visits at archeological sites, castles and churches make you get a taste of the city’s century-long history.