Ship Diaries #2

It comes with quite a frustration when you provide your agency services to ship-agent and newcomer ship-owner. And what you get is one of the most "breaking balls" experiences in matters that normally are taken care in very easy manner and good communication.

I would say my "bad joke" of the day that an arrogant prick ship-agent, when will become a ship-owner... Guess what?! He remains an arrogant prick (evolution is possible when you're not a dickhead) but ... Oops! I just said it.

It's possible that the psychology of this new ship-owner is to copy the manners of his worst experience when he was an agent just to convince himself on the life circle, even the professional one.

I'm not using this blog for "gossips" like that but frustration was requesting to put a bit of attention...

Keep the business healthy! And don't write bullshit messages to your colleagues!